Promoting Heart Health and Awareness

About us

A team committed to making a difference in the fight against heart disease.

Empowering Hearts with Passion and Purpose: Life-Saving Equipment and Education

The Have a Heart Foundation, a charity dedicated to promoting heart health and raising awareness about heart disease. Our organisation is made up of passionate individuals who share a common goal: to improve the lives of those affected by heart problems.

our story

How we achieve our goal?

Through the profits from our furniture and home store, which are used to buy defibrillators and other equipment for cardiac diagnostics. We think that having access to these essential tools can make a huge difference in terms of saving lives and enhancing outcomes for people with heart disease. We collaborate with a rugby sevens team to play games at fundraising and educational events in addition to our store sales. These activities not only raise money for our cause but also give us a chance to inform the public about the risks associated with heart disease and the value of early detection and treatment.

Join us in our mission​

To improve outcomes for people with heart problems and to promote heart health.

Because we think everyone should have access to life-saving tools in an emergency, we also donate AEDs to local sports teams and schools. In the fight against heart disease, 

we at The Have a Heart Foundation are dedicated to making a difference.

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